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Fan Fiction
For the first time in my life, I was inspired enough to write some works of fan fiction on my own.  These works are written by me, and are not anywhere else with the exception of a few on FF.Net, and my own personal journals.  Through Tolkien's work, I, like many others, decided that there were things unwritten, and so this is how I continue to pass the time since there are no more LOTR books.  My thanks go to Mr Tolkien for his inspiring work, and for giving me access to want to create the things as I saw it.  I make no money on these works of course, and all characters unless stated otherwise belong to JRR Tolkien.
The writings you see here are both movie and book based, and since they are my own works, I ask that if you would like to archive them or add them to your memories, then please ask me first.  The works you see here are the beginnings of getting back the loss of my tragic site accident, so please keep your eyes out for updates to this section.  I want to thank EEVA for sending me most of the works, and those wonderful people that have been giving me feedback on my writings and works even still.  My heart and thanks go with you all.
Thank you all for your support, and as always, you can leave me feedback either to my Email or my LiveJournal.  Thank you for reading... :)

In The Arms Of Samwise Gamgee 
WRITTEN BY: FrodosFantasy
CHARACTERS: Sam, Frodo, Gandalf
WARNINGS: None I don't think!  Characters aren't mine.  Make no money off this.  Tolkien just gave me Frodo and Sam as my Guardians for I can do what I like. 
SUMMARY: This story is written in Frodo's pov from the end of the quest and beyond when he resides in Valinor.  His thoughts turn to someone he left behind in Middle Earth who meant the most...


In Dreams I Will Protect You 
WRITTEN BY: FrodosFantasy 
WARNINGS: None.  Characters not mine...I make no money of these.  Tolkien let Frodo and Sam be my Guardians because he knew I needed them...thank you.   
SUMMARY: This is set during the Quest, some time after Frodo and Sam have left the company to travel on their own.  Frodo has a few dark moments, and Sam does his best to keep himself awake by remembering his past memories with Frodo.


The Past and the Future
WRITTEN BY: FrodosFantasy 
CHARACTERS: Frodo, Drogo, Primula, Sam, others
WARNINGS: None.  Same general stuff.  Characters not mine...blah blah blah.  Make no money darn darn darn...thank you Frodo, Sam, and Elijah Wood.
SUMMARY: Frodo's past has a way of blending with the future.  Set between pre-quest and post Frodo's departure/Sam's arrival.

WRITTEN BY: FrodosFantasy 
CHARACTERS: Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin
WARNINGS: None...characters not mine, make no money for shame, thank you Sean Astin.
RATING: U,M (rated for some slash suggestions)
SUMMARY: It's Sam's birthday, and Frodo wants to make it something he will remember.  Pre Quest.
The Influence of Samwise Gamgee
WRITTEN BY: TeresaRoseWood
RATING: U, M for some slash suggestions, mostly fluff based.
WARNINGS:  None.  Nope don't own these characters...Tolkien just let them come to me in my dreams and as my Guardians.
SUMMARY: Frodo's reflections on dreams of the past, and of his relationship with Sam. 

Keeping Watch
CHARACTERS: Kind of a suprise...I was hoping you'd figure out the POV
WRITTEN BY: TeresaRoseWood
WARNINGS: Mostly Angst with the form of worry...its an early based Frodo fic. Characters not mine tho I wish they were...but they are my Guardians so maybe that helps a bit. 
RATING: U - M - A For some emotional angst
SUMMARY:  Some things that happen while someone keeps watch over someone they love.  Very pre-quest. 
CHARACTERS: Frodo, Sam, Bilbo, Merry, Pippin, Others
WRITTEN BY: FrodosFantasy
WARNINGS: None really..kind of angst and dark character dreams and emotional angst due to an accident and worry.  Char not mine...blah blah blah
SUMMARY:  Frodo has a near drowning experience that is much worse than it seems at first,  and travels with Sam and some others to be healed.  In the course, he realizes how much Sam means to him.  Set years before the quest.
WRITTEN BY:  FrodosFantasy
CHARACTERS:Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf Gandalf
WARNINGS: Some emotional angst due to illness...Characters not mine...Tolkien just let Frodo and Sam be my Guardians for life.
SUMMARY:  Misunderstandings can be horrible at times...especially when they concern the ones you love most.  Pre-quest.

WRITTEN BY: FrodosFantasy
CHARACTERS: Frodo, Bilbo, Took Relations, Others
WARNINGS:Angst due to character deaths...otherwise none.nbsp; Characters aren't mine.  Make no money off this.  Tolkien just gave me Frodo and Sam as my Guardians for I can do what I like. 
SUMMARY: Set directly after the death of Frodo's parents Drogo and Primula. Bilbo seeks to bring comfort and happiness, while others do their best to plot against it.

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