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This site was last updated on December 12, 2005.

December 12, 2005
I've been working on doing another sign please bear with me if things look a little crazy.  I have so much to add and do, and so little time as of late, but I will get things done hopefully soon.  Added another bit for the FANFICTION  in the meantime, and a new bit of POETRY.  Til then, I'll be working on the site as much as I can, and waiting for the ORC 2006 in Jan.  Wish me luck on both!  <3 FF
September 23, 2005
Well, I've been actually working on the FANFICTION section, go me!  Added 3 bits of older FANFICTION, and working on more as I type this.  Will be doing my best to add as many as possible over the next 2 days, so we'll see how that goes.  Wish me luck!  In other news, there is still no sign of my ELF Photos yet in the mail...I'm getting anxious and worried...and a bit pissed off as well.  Hopefully they will arrive later today...otherwise I'm not going to be very happy.  My attempts at phone calls to them have gone in vain, so that makes me not happy with their customer service.  I am going to give them another call tomorrow afternoon if they are still not here.  I'll post them here when I get them, so thank you for your patience.  I've been spending lots of time reading Fan Fiction of others, and I'm just amazed by their great works.  I'm sort of also trying to work on another bit myself, so hopefully I can get that done too.  Just in reading and typing out my works has given me a bit of inspiration to write new well as try my hand at possibly doing some artwork.  We shall see...but until then, I shall try and post the past ARTWORK I've done over the next day or so.  Mostly cartoonish, but it was fun to do.  I'll try doing more soon.  Thank you all for your neverending support and love. 
<3 FF
September 17, 2005
While waiting for my official photos from ELF, I offer a bit of POETRY from our Samwise and also an offering from long ago from our dearest Frodo.  I'll be working on FANFICTION tonight, so hopefully by tomorrow I can get some of it up.  I'll do my best to type as much as I can in the coming week, and hopefully my ELF photos will be arriving this week as well.  I'm working on some more ART and FANFICTION at the same time, so hopefully I'll be adding some of that as soon as I manage to finish something tangible.  Thanks for watching and being with me.  I love you all.  <3 FF
September 04, 2005
My appologies for the temporary hiatus, but I was so busy getting ready for ELF in Orlando, Fl, that I just could not update at all.  But behold!  I bring you a piece of brand new beautiful F/S POETRY, and my (mostly lousy) PHOTOS from ELF, plus coming soon shall be more FAN FICTION and the (even more lousy) PHOTOS the EII Premiere.  Not the greatest pics in the world since my camera decided to crap out on me, but at least it was an effort!  Hopefully I'll be getting the 2 ELF photos that I had done with Elijah over the next week...and I REALLY hope they turn out well.  Yipe.  I'm starting to panic about not getting them at all...or that they'll turn out horribly.  Forgive me in advance if things look undone...that just means I'm working on it currently, and it should be up soon.  Thanks for watching, and as always,   <3 FF
July 25, 2005
I know I said I'd wait, but I decided to add the AFFILIATES back into the site. Working a bit on links atm too, and trying to decide about where I want everything extra to be.  Shall be back around Friday with more updates.  <3 FF
July 17, 2005
The new FAN FICTION was approved, and is now posted in the FAN FICTION section.  My first work in forever, so I'm quite glad that the one I wrote it for approved of it.  Forgive me in advance for any mistakes in my sucks lol.  :p   Enjoy, as I continue updates soon. 
<3 FF
July 15, 2005
Happy Birthday today to my brother Steven!  In site news, I added a new section to the navigation...the my PHOTOS section.  These are not the LOTR movie photos yet ...but photos from special events.  Currently I have the photos taken at ORC 2005.  3 from Creation, and the rest are courtesy of Emma Abraham.  Next up will be the photo(s) from ELF 2005, which I will add at the end of August of course.  I've also been working on a brand new FAN FICTION.  It's currently in the hands of my betas, and it will be posted as soon as I get the ok to post.  This is my first completed FAN FICTION in probably almost a year, so please don't hate me.  :p  As always, the work continues...I've been today renaming the pages, so they don't just have the generic ID numbers.  Give me some actual things I can recognize!   I hate having a non-descript's just...generic...yuck.  Ah well, shall update soon, so until then, thank you! 
<3 FF
July 04, 2005
Happy 4th of July for those of you in the USA.  :)
While I was going through my old emails from EEVA, I managed to find a piece of POETRY I had forgotten about, so I posted that.  And, while I was looking, I also found a bit of FAN FICTION I never quite finished or found a title for.  But I'm pleased to say that I found an ending, and a title, so I added that as well.  Feel accomplished that I was able to find something I hadn't finished!  I'd completely forgotten that I was sending EEVA my WIP at times, trying to see if she could tell me what the fics needed.  Not all things were lost, yay!  Shall be back soon for more updates, and thank you for your support. 
<3 FF
June 30, 2005
Added 2 pieces to the FANFICTION page.  Finally started some work on it go me!  I've been playing with the fonts too, so my apologies if it looks different on some of the pages.  I was working on making the font size a bit bigger for the FANFICTION section and GUEST AUTHOR sections.  It was driving me crazy because I couldn't figure out how to get the spacing correct or the same.  I like usually smaller writing, but I think it's a bit harder to read for most folks.  I don't think I'm completely finished with the fonts on the GUEST AUTHOR page..but I'll be working on that tommorow to get it finished.  I've been trying to figure out also whether I want the actual title on the homepage of the site.  I've added it for now, but I guess it'll take me a while to see if I like having it there or not.  The title I suppose is given away by the Web I'm not sure if it's really necessary.  But maybe for those who aren't familiar with it might wonder about it.  Ah well...I'll give it a few days to see if I want to leave it there.  In other news, I was looking at the WEB TRAFFIC to the site...and this suprised me to say the least.  Total page views this month: 1352!  Wow...just wow.  And here I thought this was a site forgotten!  Wow.   I can't tell you how much I appreciate your visits to this site.  It means more than you'll ever know to see that people are actually interested in something I've been a part of .  Love you all. 
<3 FF
June 28, 2005
Added another bit to the POETRY section.  I really am working slowly on adding to the FANFICTION section of the site, but I think I will have much more time on Friday when I have a few days off from work.  I'll be doing some bits of work to the site in the meantime, but I wanted to give my extreme thanks for the compliments to all my hard work, and come back soon for more updates! 
<3 FF
June 21, 2005
I have been updating this morning with more POETRY.  I still am missing some original works it seems, so I hope I have them somewhere...but I can't be sure.  It would be a shame indeed if those were gone completely, but I suppose I'll just have to write new ones instead.  I'll be back later to add more to this section, but until then, enjoy! 
<3 FF
June 20, 2005
I am working on redoing the POETRY section today, so please bear with me if you were looking for a particular one and are unable to find it.  I'll get them back hopefully before the end of the day...and hopefully with all the links working correctly.  Thank you for your patience and I'll add an EDIT when all work to this section is complete. 
EDIT:  I have been working on this section to fix all the broken links, so therefore thought it would be the best way just to restart the entire thing.  So far, all the poetry in this section has working links, but I'm not quite done adding all of them.  I will be continuing work on this section tomorrow when I get off work I hope, so keep your eyes peeled for updates soon.  Thanks again! 
<3 FF
June 11, 2005
I am back yet again, this time with shiny pretty new banner made by the wonderful ROURI aka BRITNEY.  To go with the new banner, I changed a bit of the layout, so hopefully this keeps me occupied for a bit.  I'll be working on adding FAN FIC soon, but I've also been working on adding to the POETRY section as well.   If you noticed, I took out some of the things that were originally here for the time being.  Im going to work on them off-line, and then upload them once I get them looking more presentable.  In the meantime, work continues, slowly but surely.  One of these days, I'll most likely add the UNFINISHED WORKS OF FRODOSFANTASY....I start so many and never finish them all...I guess you can call them drabbles or ficlets....who knows.  Thank you all for being so patient, and for keeping my site alive.  And thank you Elijah, for everything you are to me. 
<3 FF
January 3, 2005
Well, I've returned after a long hiatus.  And I've been working on redoing the background and coloring schemes as well.  I think it adds a bit softer garden look I suppose.  I've been rather discouraged about my loss of FAN FICTION, hence the hiatus.  But I've come to realize that in my absence, I felt something was missing that I needed to complete.  Rather than focus on what I lost, I am thankful for what was sent to me by my GUEST AUTHORESS EEVA, and what I managed to keep in my private files.  And I'm hoping also that this loss will encourage me to write new things as well. 
I'll be adding things over the next few days, just at the moment working on the coloring still to make things look nice.  I've added another QUOTE OF THE DAY, and I've now added the 2 new chapters to EEVA'S continuing fan fiction.  This is posted in the GUEST AUTHOR section.  Other than that, I'll be adding my own works on FAN FICTION as I can.  I also will be updating the COLLECTION soon as well.
I'd like to give my eternal thanks and love to those who have sent me EMAILS and those amazing and wonderful folks on my LIVEJOURNAL, for all your love and encouragement.  The updates you see today are dedicated to the lovely and wondrful i_o_r_h_a_e_l, who has found me and given me inspiration to continue what I thought was a lost cause.  Thanks to you and to Eeva, Frodoholic, and Spug, for their neverending love and support.  And as always, all my love and heart goes to ELIJAH JORDAN WOOD, for making this possible at all.  Without you, I would have never had the strength to go on...and for that there are no words.  For Frodo and Sam...thank you for being there in my dreams to protect me from darkness. 
<3 FF
August 28, 2004
Well I've been updatating a bit here and there. Finally started adding a few LINKS, and as always keep trying to add some POETRY to get all the links working right.  Haven't been doing as much work as I'd like, but I'll try and do more this coming weekend or by Tuesday or Wednesday when I get off work.  Lately it's been just get home and stare, then go to bed.  Been having some knee problems too, but hopefully I can find out what's going on soon.  Can't wait for a day off work so I can get more things done....  I'll be back soon. 
<3 FF
August 20, 2004
I'm back at it again.  Still working on the POETRY section.  Didn't realize I had quite that many I'd written on my own without making note.  All but 1 I believe of the FF poetry is completed now.  Next, shall be working on the F and S ones.  I think only a few work that I know of atm.  The one called Believe, The Call of the Sea, and the latest one I just added, called The End of All Things.  It's one of my favorite ones, and is written in POV from both Frodo and Sam, and is based on their thoughts from The Return of The King.  It's beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time, so go read it!  Also added a thing or two to the ABOUT ME page...not much...just another pic and some info.  Wanted to wish here a happy birthday to my friend FRODOHOLIC and I hope she has a great one!  Will return soon with more updates... 
<3 FF
AUGUST 11, 2004
Well yay me!  I took a few days to just work a bit here and there on some things..trying to make sure everything looked allright.  But I'm pleased to say that the GUEST AUTHOR section is finally completed!  I was still working a bit on the POETRY section, even adding one I didn't have before.  I think I managed to find all of the missing ones I had.  Luckily with those, I also managed to put in most of my past or existing journals as well, so the info was not lost.  I'll be working on trying to finish that section in the next week I hope.  It's a lot more slow going that I remembered!  So much work involved, and hardly any time to try and work without interruptions.  Bleh.  I wish I just had a quiet room to just work non-stop with a movie or something going...but unfortunately rl work calls more often than I'd like.  Yuck.  Ah well...I'll update more soon.  And I was about to start up a bit on the PHOTOS section too.  If I can manage to make everything look reletively ok, I'll publish that a bit at a time. Til then...cya soon!  
<3 FF
AUGUST 08, 2004
Today I was working on doing more of the GUEST AUTHOR section, when I realized that I was missing some works!  Talk about ack.  So Eeva, please check your mail and send me those 3 stories.  Still trying to get the look to decide how and where I want the titles of the pages to go.  I think it looks really nice so far...and all I've done has been a HUGE accomplishment for me.  I started a bit on the POETRY section, but as I seem to be missing a few here also, I'm going to have to try and look through and see which ones I need to actually find.  What a slow going process...but it feels good to know I'm actually making this work.  More updates soon...but in the meantime, feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions you might have.  Look on the ABOUT ME page to see how to do that...or just use the email links.  Thanks again for visiting!  
<3 FF
AUGUST 05, 2004
Yesterday, I was able to work a bit on the COLLECTION page,  but it's not near enough finished.  The links to the photos on that page don't work yet so bear with me.  I'll get to work on that a bit later.  Today, I'm working on the GUEST AUTHOR page to make sure all the links to the stories are working correctly.  I've got a few working so far, but it's taking me a bit of time to make them all look the same and are ok reading wise.  At any rate, the ones that have active links should work correctly, so that's a big accomplishment for me.  I also managed to get 1 FAN FICTION story back up...the last one I wrote in a while, with thanks to my Guest Authoress EEVA for saving and sending me her copies of my stories.  I don't know what I would have done without you!  And just FYI, I'll be hopefully be finishing the GUEST AUTHOR section before I start adding any others to the FAN FICTION section.
I also added (finally) a new QUOTE OF THE DAY.  This one is a nice one of part of one of Gandalf's songs and comes from The Two Towers.  Over the next few days or so, I'll hopefully be starting on the POETRY page.  On the WEBBIES issue, I will most likely not end up adding any until I can get most of the content up I'd like.  As it is, I'm getting notices every day about being suspended from the WEBRINGS I've been in because of course the information I had was deleted by the server or otherwise.
I'll hopefully be working a bit every day for the rest of the week to try and get the POETRY section finished so I can begin work on other sections of the site. More updates to come, and thanks again for your support.  
<3 FF
AUGUST 04, 2004 you can see, I've begun rework to this website.  I regret that I've neglected this site horribly...and horribly enough for the worst to happen to it.  It appears that for some reason, over half the website was deleted.  So all of my original fan fics, and photo pages, are now nothing but a memory.  In addition to this horror, it has come to pass that my hard drive that stored all this lovely information, was erased accidentally when I got another bigger hard drive.  Horrible!  So now...the rework has begun.  I'm in the process now of desperately trying to find the FAN FICTION I well as redo the design a bit and make this a better website.  And to any of you who for some reason saved the stories I had, please send them to me so that I can put them back on the site.  I'll keep updating, and you'll know the dates by reading this page.  Thanks for the neverending support...and my love to everyone.  
<3 FF

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