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Come to Me
Written By: Samwise

Come to me in silence
Watching through the days
Your eyes as blue as starlight
Forever enchanted with darkness
For you were the one who saw it all
You were the one I turned to
And when in darkness i used to fear
it was you who brought me comfort
And i would cling to you in darkness
And you would hold me close to you
And never have i been able to find
The peace i knew with you
For even as days went by and by
I still came to you
For you would never turn me away
And i fell in love with you
And people used to say to me
to keep watch over you
and they never did know
just how much i held true
And then one night in darkness cold
I could not come to you
and so i mourned that i would never sleep
as peaceful as i was with you
And then I heard a calling
just outside my window pane
and i got up to see it true
that none other noise was you
So I pulled you in my embrace
A thing so gladly true
Those few words you said to me
I'll remember til my dying day
'Sam I know that you meant to be
Up the hill with me
But I knew you couldn't come
So I brought myself to thee'
'So let us lay each other side by side
And wait for dawn of day
And I shall love you here or there
Whether they say yay or nay'
And so my heart rejoiced itself
For Id never known greater joys
And on that night we shared our love
And will beyond night and day

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