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Heart's Desire
Written By: Samwise

For Frodo with Love
there was a time i thought
i knew you like no other
shadows that fall
gracefully aside

let your mind follow me
shut your heart away
wandering the shadows of old
mildew raining upon the land

and will we never meet again?
say you shall call - tell me you'll wake
and come for me in light of day
watching forever through misty light

is there a stranger time than this
one that is filled with distant shadows
shall i follow your dreams and life
will you be waiting for me at the end

and i shall wonder what came of it all,
was it lost in wandering mists?
i will be forever broken
wishing for the one that couldnt be

will it never rain again?
washing over my hearts desire
filling memory with your warm scent
green of earth black of night

and when i follow the path you took
i will bring a distant life
shower you with affection and love
destiny shall not want to keep

come with me love and let me find you
i shall take you in my arms
coming together like a lonely dream
and i shall never let you go

and it shall be fordained in time
that we will be together then
and i will never feel lost
and you will never be alone

for my heart shall be with you
as it were always meant to be
and i shall love you til dying day
no regrets

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