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At the End of All Things
Written By: Frodo and Samwise

As you read in colors for POV.  Frodo and Samwise.
i shall love you for the rest of my days my love
and it is then that i shall find peace

i remember the taste of the tears on your face
i shall feel you next to me forever in my dreams
for it is you that i hold dearest to me
it is you that brings me everything i desire
and in eternity i shall find you again
in love we shall stand together side by side

can you see my hand stretching out to you?
in the light it grows like a great wheel of fire
but in your mind only i shall be your love
in your dreams i shall come to you again
and when you shall reach out your hand to me
you shall fall forever in the fire ive created

can you remember what i once was?
could you tell me and remain my own
or shall it become something barred between us

will i never be able to forget and go on?
shall i be forever burdened by the dreams in my head?
or will you rescue me from my own mind?

But you can not let go yet my dear,
for you still have so much to give
the feeling of you in my arms again,
the lifetime of love that you bring me.
and the memories of the life we shared together.
for i cannot leave without you,
i shall die of the heartache if i go from you

do you remember the life we led my love?
can you tell me of your dreams dear
let me be the one to show you
shall i become the dreams you left behind?
will you let me show you what you could yet be

and then your dreams came true my heart
you found the one who could complete your quest
as you helped me complete mine
and i have showed you that you can be all
and everything more you thought you could be
for now that ive done so i can finally rest
now that im going you shall not hurt
may you find some joy in what you seek

do you not feel how much you are
how the spirit that's inside you shines to all you see
in your eyes shines the light of the sun
in your soul you bring everything to me
because i see the light that you are
and i shall find you even in darkest light

the light suddenly darkens to me
as im standing here with you
and it is now that i know that you are leaving me
or trying to let me go and be
for you think that i do not need you here
you think ive forgotten everything we've shared
but as i stumble in your embrace
i can remember nothing else but this

in your embrace i feel you with me
and you shall find that i have gone
when you are ready my love at last
i give you the gift of love to come
and i shall be waiting at the shores for you
taking you in my embrace for all time

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