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Written By: Frodo

So many lights
Waiting there in the dark
Its a trial...such a trial...
Hands reaching pulling me further below
I see nothing

An agonizing pain grips me,
I can no longer see
Strange lights in the water
Strange eyes in the dark.

She is not dead, no
But there still waiting
Calling to me like those undead
Chills grip me and my head spins
Falling deeper into darkness

I hear them! I hear them!
Always calling in the dark.
Realms of mind, I am lost.
Alone in the dark wilderness of time

They will find me,
She will come,
Finishing the task she started.
It's not finished - it's not done
But it shall be - soon...

My eyes close and I sway in darkness
Heavy lids, there's no way out

I hear them calling, calling for me,
Perhaps I shall go perhaps...perhaps.
There must be a way, a path I must take
Following the call like one entranced

I see nothing
Becoming lost in the dark
And I shall follow
The call I cannot ignore

Light becomes dark-
Shadow turns to flame-
The Ring of Fire-
There's no way out.

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