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The Dream
Written By: Frodo

For Samwise with love...
In the light of day I see you
In the dark of night it grows

Follow me through the shadows
Don't ever let me go

For there are some things I'm afraid of
And there are some things I can't help

And as the years go on I feel them
Bury in my heart so deep

For they show me the things I fear the most
And the most hurt of all is losing you

I wake in the dark of night
Without breath without light

And you whisper in my ears at night
Comfort like an engulfing wave

For no one else would feel as you do
No one would even know I've gone

And you tell me that you love me
And that I was your everything

I sigh and gather my arms about you
And you wipe my tears away

Whisper sounds of love and song
Hold me through the summers day

And when the light has faded
And darkness comes again

I know somehow you'll be with me
To make those nightmares end

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