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Written By: Frodo

i shall not eat again
i can only ever sleep
wandering in lonely mists
forever alone and silent

oh i shall wander
the paths ever unknown
and no one shall see
no one even knows

was it always this way
the silence of the heart
breaking in pieces
i knew knew existed

is it ever safe
to search in vain for life
for a peace only you can bring
a time only you shall know

i shall remember the days
for the rest of my life
waiting forever
silence and doubt

take me with you
and let me find peace
bring me your light
and save me from myself

shall i ever be whole
will it ever come
am i always wandering
alone and in despair

oh the life of solitude
where i shall soon find
watching through distant shores
waiting for future life

does it ever matter at all
how shall it ever end
id rather it be sooner than later
since it seems like im already there

alone and in silence
for the days of my life
waiting for a sign
that it seems will never come

am i already gone
to those distant shores
am i forced to watch
as life becomes death

will i wait forever
for the peace that you can bring
was i ever here
or was i just a dream

never to be found
among the life that you seek
oh i can not seem to find
a way of life a way of mind

shall i ever find you again
would you even care
am i already a distant dream
that no one ever remembers

was i ever worth a second thought
was it ever special or good
if it were me could it ever be
a horrible thing with dread of heart

but i shall wait forever love
for the life i seek
and what does it matter at all
despair comes in times of darkness

wandering alone in light
reflections of sun on water
for my heart is deep
fathoms below everyone else

which is why the hurt becomes despair
how the ugly become transparent
and i have already dissapeared
under the surface beyond the light

and no one shall ever find me
no one would even bother to look
for without you my heart is dying
forever beaten forever silent

crying forever in seeds of time
tears of sorrow seek to destroy
but no one ever sees it
and no one ever knows

and so i shall wait still
beyond the empty days
waiting for new meaning
reaching for better life

until you come and find me love
i shall sit and despair
and wonder if i was ever worth it
and break down piece by piece

will you never come back to me
and see the heart i have left
for only you can save me now
from my own doubt and despair

and tell me i wasnt dreaming
please give me strength i lost
or maybe youre just like everyone else
and can forget me like that second breath

was i ever worth a thing
am i ever worth this life
my mind thinks that there cant be life
surrounded by happiness i dont have

everyone always busy
for a friendly hello
i guess i was never worth it
i know im a disease that cant be healed

forced to live forever alone
despairing for something that can never be
was i ever wrong to hope
shall i die a distant dream

would it matter at all
please wake me from nightmares
let me find the happiness i seek
for it isnt life without you

if youre only a dream id rather not wake
if im only a dream then it would not matter
for it seems like only i hurt this way
and only i shall never find you

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