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In the Darkness
Written By: Frodo

Awake alone in the hours of morn
Silence and doubt in the shadows of time
Waking alone and going to sleep
Feelings of darkness follow like dreams

Have you ever woken in the silence of night?
When no one is about and the lonliness consumes
Feelings of neglect spread in the absence of light
The shadows know your darkest secrets

Why is it that the darkness terrifies?
The feeling of being alone in the dark
Stifles and strangles even the purest of heart
But I am not brave oh no not me

Soon the darkness shall leave my world
Standing in light and surrounded by sun
For I believe I am not alone anymore
Somewhere a light has made me alive

Waiting for good - watching for life
A chance to be something good and to keep my dreams alive
For what is hope without love and what is life without hope?
The chance to believe in the impossible dreams

Oh the sudden stars above, shelter through the misty light
Take my dream and make it fly in the places i can not reach
For I have seen the dark of night
And I have watched the rain across shadows

Someday I know that I shall be free
Waiting for the chance to be happy at last
Friends and hope and love will find
A place that shall be - hope for me

For not even I am a hopeless cause
Not even I can make the world stand alone
Let me find the hope and dream I seek
And the light shall block even darkest night

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