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The Silent Wait
Written By: FrodosFantasy

For Becca...

I have not seen you at all today,
I rarely ever do it seems.
Will you leave me here guessing?
Or will you come tell me on your own?

Was what I thought a dream?
Was our friendship ever real?
Or was I just lost in dreams,
As time managed to slip by.

Guess I'll never know,
You'll probably never tell me.
And I dare not ask it,
For I doubt I'd want to know.

And yet as I sit here pondering,
I dream of the forgotten past.
Seeing you brings me hope somehow,
I thought I'd never feel again. 

So if you should ever wander,
Through my dreams again
The door shall always be here for you
And as always shall I.

To listen to what you'd like to say,
To hear everything you've done since then
To tell me of your dreams
And let me tell you mine.

And so I shall wait here for you,
To get the courage to return
And hopefully my dreams of you were real
And our friendship was not a dream.

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