Poetry - Sam's Dream
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Sam's Dream
Written By: TeresaRoseWood

In the dark I see your eyes,
Shining so bright like a star to guide.
Im shivering in fright but still you see,
And a comforting smile is enough to take my breath.
And yet still I fear to move,
For thoughts of you pushing me away.
Telling me to go home and not return to you,
Is more than my heart could ever bear.
But instead you whisper softly to me,
So that my ears can hardly believe.
And i sigh the moment i hear your voice,
Soft and wonderous in this darkness.
Come to me my dear and let me ease your fears
Lay beside me and let me hold you close to me
Shiver no more in fear and doubt my love
And i shall keep you safe from harm
Will you not send me away dear
Sending me back to the shadows?
Telling me my fears are fancy,
And nothing to be afraid of?
Of course not my love,
For its not what i believe.
Its something you carry within your heart,
Something you truely fear.

So lay you here beside me love,
And let me share this fear with you.
For if we're here together my dear,
Your fears will hide themselves away.
For you know that nothing else matters but this,
This feeling of friendship and love.
This closeness we have dear Sam,
Shall be with us til our dying days

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