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Guest Authors
Through the Darkness - Written By: Eeva
SUMMARY: Sam finds Frodo in Cirith Ungol…
CHARACTERS: Frodo Sam Merry Pippin Orcs Others

It was probably one of the most beautiful summer days in the Shire. The Sun cast her beams all over the lush green farmlands of Hobbiton, giving life and energy to everything they hit. A lot of life and energy seemed to burst especially from four small creatures, running around and laughing on the lovely green fields. "Come on Pippin, hurry up!" one of the creatures shouted laughing. Tagging along a small bit after the three others came a small panting hobbit carrying a large basket. "Wait for me!" he shouted to the others. They all turned around laughing. "Well, you’re the one who wanted to carry the basket!" said Merry with pretended annoyance. "We are going to be late from Fatty’s birthday if you two don’t stop quarrelling at once" said Sam taking the basket from Pippin. "I’ll carry it for you, come on now!" "Be careful Sam" said Frodo indicating the contents of the basket, "that cake will not make it in one piece to Fatty’s if you keep flinging that basket in the air like that! You went through a lot of trouble making the cake, remember?" "I know, Mr. Frodo, I know, let’s go now!"

They hurried on for some time talking and laughing with Merry and Pippin playing tag in the sunshine. Frodo hadn’t been this happy for a long time. Here he was, together with his friends, going over to Fatty Bolger’s to celebrate his seemed like no trouble in the whole world could reach out and touch him right now. After a little while they came to a small ravine which was impossible to cross but for a very narrow rope bridge going over it. Slowly and warily the hobbits started to cross over. Suddenly Frodo stopped. He felt a burning pain in his side. "Mr. Frodo? Are you alright?" he heard Sam’s concerned voice asking, but he hurt too much to answer, and so he just clutched his side and took hold of the railing of the bridge. He was sure he was going to faint. Everything turned suddenly upside down, his world was spinning around faster and faster, and at last he lost his grip of the railing and fell backwards over it. "Frodo!!!" he heard the frightened and alarmed voices of his friends cry out, but he was now out of their reach.

He felt as if he fell forever. Images flashed before his eyes...images of his friends and of all the happy times together with his loved ones. He could not understand what was going on at all. He could hear the voices of his friends echoing in his ears, as a faint memory of the seconds before he fell..."Come on Pippin, hurry up!"..."Wait for me!"..."I’ll carry it for you"..."Be careful, Sam"...and suddenly the voices seemed to convert into a completely different language...they were now whispering Elvish words! And through it all he heard a familiar strong voice speaking to reminded him very much of a voice he had heard somewhere before...long ago..."Frodo...lasto beth nin...tolo dan nan galad..." But then the voice seemed to become much quieter and suddenly it disappeared completely.

Frodo woke up with a sudden scream of agony! A lash of a whip tore painfully into his side! The truth revealed itself. It had all been a dream. His tired eyes opened in an instant and when they came into focus in the surrounding darkness, he saw that he was in a dark room had to be in Mordor! Orcs were swarming all around him…hideous, terrible ugly faces growled at him from everywhere he looked. What had happened? Where was the Ring? He could not feel it around his neck anymore. Where was Sam?? He could not remember much, not at this moment anyhow.

Another lash of a whip brought him back to reality again. His agonised scream echoed through the dark room. "That’s enough!" shouted a rather large and hideous orc who seemed to be their leader. "We don’t want to kill him yet, he might talk" Frodo was still too weak and tired to understand what they were talking about. His head was filled with questions – which were however quickly answered. "The Ring has got to be somewhere and we have orders to find it!" said the large orc and turned to look at Frodo. The poor hobbit trembled with fear as the orc started to approach him threateningly, drawing out his whip again. "So...are you going to speak or do we have to get really rough with you? Come on you little brat, where is it? Speak!!" Frodo could honestly not remember what had happened to the Ring...the only thing on his confused mind right now was one crucial question: was this the end? Surely he would not survive, the Ring was out of his reach, he had lost Sam...and yet there was hope left. Perhaps the Ring was in good hands after all, maybe Sam was still somewhere out there guarding the Ring...Those thoughts filled his heart with a new hope and new effort. He would not give up on life...not now.

He could feel the whip again tearing into his back this time. The pain was unbearable! He knew he could not take it much longer. "Didn’t I tell you to speak?! Where is it?!!" roared the orc. "I can not remember...I swear I can not...I do not know where it is..." Frodo muttered quietly but truthfully. "You little liar!" shouted the orc and lifted his whip once more above his head as if to strike. Frodo cringed in pain and fear and covered his bleeding wound in his side and held out his other hand as if to shelter himself from the stinging blow he was about to receive. "No...please more..." he groaned with tears welling in his eyes. His rescue came quickly in form of a smaller orc who appeared in the doorway. "Hey boss, you might want to take a look at this hallway, the guards heard voices..." The large orc looked once more at Frodo before putting away his whip and turning to run out the door. Seeming very reluctant to leave in the middle of interrogating the small hobbit, the orc gave one last command to a remaining guard: "Make sure he doesn’t escape. I’ll be back to continue soon..." And giving a terrible mean look to Frodo and laughing quietly the orc disappeared out the door...not knowing he would never return again...

Poor Frodo was shivering all over. His cloak and coat were nowhere to be seen leaving him clad only in his trousers and his thin shirt. He sat there on his knees with his arms around himself trying to keep warm. He was so cold and hungry and afraid, and the evil glares he constantly received from the guarding orc did not make things any better. He was so hungry that his vision became blurry. His stomach was aching terribly.  He knew that if he could not soon get something to drink at least, he would not make it. He suddenly remembered Boromir’s words at Amon Hen: "You will beg for death before the end!" Those words now kept echoing in Frodo’s head, haunting him...He was painfully aware of that, in a way, Boromir had been right. Only a few moments ago Frodo would have been ready to give up on everything, give up on life...but the mere thought of Sam lit up his heart and gave him new strength and hope and a new will to carry on. He  would rather beg for life than for death right now.

Still wrapping his arms around himself he slowly lifted his head and looked miserably at the orc-guard through watery eyes. "Please..." Frodo whispered quietly, "...give me water..." The orc gave him an evil look and hissed through his teeth, "You wish!  Just you wait, we’ll make you talk! You won’t even be able to guess what we have in store for you!" Frodo was completely disgusted by that foul creature but despite that he inched his way slowly towards it on his knees, dragging himself along the cold hard stone floor. He was already feeling a little dizzy. "I haven’t eaten for days! Please give me at least a cup of water...that is all I ask...I beg of you..." "Are you deaf?!" snarled the orc, "When I say no, I mean it!!" With a ferocious growl he grabbed a spear and after flinging it skilfully around in the air he swished it down towards Frodo stopping it just above his bowed head. Knowing he could not defend himself in any way Frodo gave out a frightened scream and closed his eyes tightly, covering his head. It seemed to him that a lifetime passed, although it was a question of only a few seconds in which the orc slowly drew back the spear and backed away. "So you want only some water, eh?" he finally said. Frodo did not answer, but just buried his tear-streaked face in his hands. The orc stood silently for a while looking at Frodo who was honestly not looking very well. "Wait there", said the orc at last, "Don’t you dare to move until I come back, you hear me?" And with that he left the room. Frodo had completely lost all sense of pride, but although he was thankful that the orc went to get him some water, he never said it aloud.

He waited for minutes…with each minute passing slowly, teasing his poor famished soul. He heard a few faint shrieks from somewhere downstairs but there was no sign of the orc returning. There was no sign of any orc nearby. A few times Frodo actually tried standing up, but his tired aching legs could not bear even his own slight weight. He fell back to the ground and cried even more. Eventually he closed his eyes and darkness engulfed him.

Like in a wonderful dream Frodo saw all the good things he had ever experienced in his life; his dear friends, Bilbo, Sam, Merry, Pippin...he remembered all the beautiful sunny summer days in the Shire, and all the moments of happiness together with his loved ones...he remembered his parents. Like through a thin glittering mist he saw them approach him smiling affectionately. So many times had he thought of them before but now he remembered them better than ever.  Suddenly he heard a familiar voice calling out his name: "Mr. Frodo! Wake up Mr. Frodo, please!" That friendly familiar voice echoed through the mist and made him stir a little. Was this all dream again? Just an illusion of all his wishes and hopes and dreams?  "Frodo! It’s me Sam...Frodo wake up!" There it was again. "Sam..." Frodo whispered weakly. He was so afraid to open his eyes…he was sure that fate was playing a cruel trick on him again and that if he opened his eyes he would surely see a bunch of horrible snickering orcs leaning over him. "Yes Frodo, it’s’s Sam..." The voice was so strong and so near somehow. Frodo was beginning to doubt sincerely that he would ever see his beloved Sam again. It just couldn’t be him! Still keeping his eyes tightly shut Frodo quickly rose to his knees again and tried to back away. Through the eye of his mind he saw that terrible large interrogating orc raising his whip above Frodo’s head again. "NO!!" Frodo pleaded
desperately, "Oh please no! Let me go, please...let me go..."

He suddenly stopped when a gentle hand was laid on his head. He shivered and very slowly he opened his eyes a little. He lifted his head and could not believe his eyes...for there was Sam gently smiling at him with tears running down his cheeks. Frodo gasped in amazement and took Sam’s hand just to make sure it really was him...and it truly was him this time! "Sam...oh dear Sam! I..." but Frodo could not say anything more right now. What he felt at that moment was way beyond words...beyond words that even the world’s greatest poet could ever find...The two friends embraced for a long time, both crying openly. At last Frodo found his voice again. "Sam...through all this hurt and misery you come to me like a guardian angel...what good spirit has sent you...? I am so grateful to have you here with me..." Sam took his own cloak and wrapped it around Frodo to keep him at least a little warmer. "Don’t you worry anymore Frodo...we’re together now, and that is enough to make me feel safe in these lands" Frodo said nothing for a while, and when he at last did, he spoke very quietly and dreamily. "It’s so quiet now quiet..." but then his voice became a bit stronger again. " did you manage get past all those horrible orcs?" Sam held out the package he had been carrying with him and opened it to reveal Sting and the Phial of Galadriel. Frodo gasped at the sight of those objects in front of him and somehow he felt great relief. "There are still some good powers in this world, Mr. Frodo" said Sam, "and this is excellent proof of it. Not a single orc remained after laying their eyes on these. Not one" Frodo’s amazement grew when Sam held out another small shiny object. "The Ring!" Frodo exclaimed and his eyes widened. "The Ring! Give it to me!!" And aggressively he started to fumble after the Ring in Sam’s hand. But Sam held back the Ring and grabbed hold of Frodo by the shoulders and looked him deep in the eyes. "Be at ease, Frodo...just be at ease" he whispered soothingly which made Frodo relax a little. "Here..." Sam placed the Ring softly on Frodo’s palm and closed his hand over it.

Frodo sat silently for a moment. Then he held out the Ring on his palm and took Sam’s hand and placed it over the Ring. "We will carry this burden to the end", Frodo said quietly. After a little while Sam only answered, "You’re right, the very end...together...".

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