The Darkest Day
Letter Written by: Sam
Written for Frodo

Oh what terrible fate is this?
Time apart and time forgotten
You make everything right
And shelter me in your embrace

There is light that you hold
Shining in the darkest day
But the light is lost my love
Im in the darkness that has come

Where has the sun gone?
Down below the shadow realm
Coldness forms without you near
A frozen sun in a dark passage

The sun isn't shining now
Even the moon brings no comfort
For you are lost my love to me
Away in the dark I cannot go

Give me your hand dear love
And I shall be your own
Share my life with you
Give you everything and more

Oh come with me and find
The reason that you are loved
For I know everything about you
Because I am the one to hold

Find me here my dearest love
And hear my crying call
Begging you to come to me
And leave me not alone

Please come back my one my own
And tell me I'm not alone
Show me that the world you hold
And that somehow we are together

And I shall never leave your side
I'll be with you forever
Protecting you from harm my love
And loving you by your side

For I am nothing without your love
Lost forevermore in silent dreams
But what I wouldn't give my dear
To hear those words we cherish

I love you I need you here with me
Please oh love and find me here
Holding you still and never let go
And we shall never be parted

For my heart is your own
And my love is as strong
I can do a thousand things with you
And nothing more without
A body without soul a mind without will

For the shadows are real now
And the earth is all in sorrow
It knows you are gone from me
Your heart and soul and breath

And I shall lay here with you
Because you are my one my own
And I will be here when you wake
Because I know you are the one

I love you.