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The Wait
Written By: Frodo and TRW

i never knew
that i felt this way at all
that my heart would wring so fiercely
the need inside me dying
for i saw you then and my heart fell
deeply and more than i ever knew
possible stars possible light 
finding me by break of dawn
find the light inside your soul
calling me by shards of day
i feel you with me everyday
calling me softly finding me near
for the words in my heart will ever burn
in silence i shall never tell you
but how could you not know
how could you never see it
as i walk away from you i hear you sigh softly
a whisper in the dark for me
that you would be waiting for me in moonlight
seeing me by break of day
for as i turn away from you
i cast all fears aside
lay my lips upon you
show you that you are everything
every thought every feeling ive ever known
is now lost in that eternal kiss
and may you ever feel it always
the feeling of love i carried for you
and when you sail across the sea
remember that feeling of bliss
for know i will be waiting for you
at your journey's end
with open arms i'll be here for you
and my tears of joy will surpass
this feeling of emptiness in my heart
until you step into my arms again
for i will finally find the rest
my heart so greatly desires
and until then i shall feel unease
until you are by my side
and so dear Sam Ill wait for you
to cross the shores for me
and as i sit here hoping
i pray its not a dream
for a wish is all i have now
a dream is all i think of
that my arms shall find your embrace again
and never be lost in regret

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