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Letter to Frodo
Written By: Samwise

Dearest Frodo,

Remember that day
When you were with me
And the sun was shining?

I looked at you and sighed
For I knew then that I loved you
Your eyes, shining like water
Your smile, brighter than the sun
You looked at me, and my life was complete

For your love was all I wanted,
To wrap my arms around in warm embrace.
I felt your heart with me, beating in time to my own,
It was meant to be, and I was meant to follow.

I'm not good with words,
With rhyme or poetry.
But I saw the light in you,
And forever my heart sailed with you.

I'll never let go, to that which I love
To the eyes, the smile, the soul, the wonder.
That place of peace I can only seem to find when I'm with you

For I know I love you like I see the stars in the sky,
And the wind in the meadow and the clouds in the eve.
Where time is nothing without you beside me,
For what am I without the light of your days?

A void of space that has been left in darkness,
Pieces of nothing that can't be released.
Happiness that had gone from feeling,
Never knowing the tortures you endured,

But you are with me now,
And everything is magic!
Where moonlit skies shine and crystal waters match your eyes,
For yes I see you still, standing there in guiding light.

I shall hold on, in darkness no more,
Forever yours we shall be together.
Finding peace and finding life,
For I am yours as you are mine.

My life is complete,
Now that I'm with you.
The love I lost, is alive in you,
Stay with me.

Love, Sam

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