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The Puzzle
Written By: FrodosFantasy

For "Mungo"
Sitting up in the darkness of night
And the first thing I ever see
Your eyes, grown so beautiful
The colors of life shine within
I am here with you love
Fade with the time I shall never be
Will it never grow at all?
Shine with light I cannot seek

Another piece fallen
Another sky missed
Another light in distant dreams
Will I never cease to be?

Was I always a stupid fool?
But only you saw it
Only you shall ever know
Im drowning in distant shadows

Can I be a winding road?
One that never ever ends?
Running waters spilling time
I will wait forever to live

For I was not meant for anything good
I was not meant for life at all
The road shall wander til end of time
And I shall wait forever more

For there was nothing more than you
Nothing that can make the world seem bright
Lights in the skies above have gone
Far away to my darkest day

And you were there with me then
Piece by piece and life by life
Will this feeling never end
Crashing down on rocky shores

My heart will stay with you forever still
Leaving me alone in darkness
Sheltered no more across the seas
It will find me here still

I thought I could escape from pain
From life at all I didn't want
But you were there to save me love
Only you could ever be

And the only thing I ever wanted
Was to tell you what you meant to me
And now I can die with no regrets
Lost forever in sadness

I am yours for life dear love
No matter who you may want
For my desire for you is mine
And it was only I that never mattered

Can you feel me fade away?
Down the darkening paths I go
Losing colors losing time
Falling dreaming no longer exists

I suppose that is how it shall be
Lost and stranded here alone
But it is to you I owe everything to
You who listened, you who were

You gave me everything I am
And everything I ever would be
And I leave it all to you love
Only happiness you shall ever seek
Take my heart with you love
Let it be slowly free of me
And yet one day if it will ever be
I shall wait here by the shores

Through time and years that show
A ship that sails you to me
Another piece down and another life left
Will this always take such time?

Its worth everything I have
And you are everything I am
For without you I am not myself
Lost forever drowning in sorrow

Will I never finish it?
Will it drive me to insanity?
Falling pieces on the heart
And I shall remain

Forever yours

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