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Forever Yours
Written By: TeresaRoseWood and Frodo

This was written for Samwise with love from Frodo,  to tell you that my heart has remained with you always, and this was written so that you would never forget that.
For Elijah,  I love you with everything I am, and everything I've ever wanted to be.  You gave me everything I thought was lost, every love I swore was gone.  My heart will remain forever with matter what happens or how much time goes on.  I shall be with you in my dreams....and I'll always remember the way I felt when I was near you.  Thank you for being my Sam.   <3 TeresaRoseWood
in the great wall of fire
shooting down like a burning flame
drowning my heart and all it was
lost forever in a sea of silence
shall i be forever alone
waiting for the life ive dreamed
will it be as doomed as i
to remain in silence never in love
the terrible shadow that rests over me
the air i breathe becomes lost
choking on a desperate flame
i shall lie in silent slumber
for it was you that gave me life eternal
and in my heart you shall remain
no matter how far your paths may go
you shall always be with me

and ive forgotten why i was meant to live
when you so long ago came for me
you that gave me hope in my life
only you could have that effect

for i am no different than a lost cause
seeming to wait forever in dreams
and my dreams shall take me home
in a silence waiting here for you
and as my sorrows grow as high as the mountain
all my thoughts suddenly wander away
for id forgotten every hope i had
id forgotten that you were there to save me
up until my journey's end
you were traveling there with me
and then you took my hand in yours
and i shall remain forever for you
for no matter where this life leads
my heart shall beat in time with yours
for i know your every wish
and i know what your dreams are
you dream of a distant life
as youre wandering here with me
and i knew i lost you forever
for the life i could not lead
and i wished you happiness anew
with the life youd fought to keep
and in my dreams i saw you smile
and i knew i had made my choice
to wander to the distant shores
and wait for you to come to me
because if you never did my love
my heart would forever stay with you
even when your life moved on
and your thoughts came back to me
my heart remained true and pure
waiting here in silence and doubt
and when you stepped and came to me
my heart burst into a thousand pieces
and when i fell into your embrace
i knew that my hurts were ended
how i wish i could remain this way
in your arms forever more
in the light and in the darkness
my heart shall remain with you
and when our weary travels are done
you shall lay yourself down with me
whisper in my ears at night
sing to me by light of day
for as i let go this strange dream
i shall find you here with me
and when i whisper that i love you
tears fall down in silent shaking
and as my hand falls in silence
your heart finds its torn in two
for its then you know that i did love you
and you know that together we would be
for you then layed yourself beside me
and put your hands through my hair
you whispered that you loved me
and closed your eyes in darkness
for i could not bear to be without you
my heart broken into a millions dreams
shards of light passed through the two of us
only to end up in a distant life
and here we find our life is drawn together
just as it was drawn apart
and i knew it was none but you
who could shelter me and keep me whole
for our lives were linked together as one
and when we met i knew my heart was alive
but your life went on without me
and my life stopped eternal
my heart was dying and you knew nothing
my life was ending and still you went on
for i hurt too much to be without you
and i asked that i needed more time
and so i closed my eyes again
while i shall wait again for you
and when you hear ive passed away

i hope that you shall remember me
for i know that in this life
there is no greater love than you
and i know my heart shall always be
forever yours forever silent

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Teresa Rose Wood