Love Eternal
Poetry Written By: Frodo

Some days there always seems to be
So little chance of reality

Whether I'm here in spirit or no
Give me wings and let me go

And one day when love is here
You shall give me nothing to fear

Take my arms in warm embrace
And give me shelter I can not face

Sam my love my dear my heart
For we shall never be apart

I shall lead you my love home
And we shall not need to roam

Let us find that place we need
And we shall be happy indeed

So let me come to you my one
And my searching shall be done

And that day we shall be free
Then it shall be not me but we

For my life to you I give
And somehow that makes me live

And I shall not fear to pass
Through sea and sand and wind and grass

And I shall never be without you
It is to you that my heart is true

Come to me love and let me fly
And we shall live through days gone by

Let me find you my dearest one
Shining through the warmest sun

Together we shall live in love
Finding time through the stars above

Love eternal our love shall be
And life in you shall live in me

I'll wait for you when time is right
And you shall come through passing night

And my happiness I shall find
It is in your only strength of mind

And I shall be one and whole
For it was you that was my very soul