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Guest Authors


Believing In Miracles - Written By: Eeva

SUMMARY: Frodo and Sam are captured by Faramir. Thoughts of Faramir, Sam and Frodo…

CHARACTERS: Faramir Sam Frodo




I was not sure what was to be expected from them as I caught them. I only knew I was following my father’s bidding. “Every stranger trespassing on our lands shall be caught and, if necessary, brought before me on trial”, the Lord Denethor, my father, had said. Those were the strict words he spoke to be before I left. And although he sometimes might seem cold and ruthless, deep inside my father is a wise man.

Back then, as they crossed my way, I had no clue what would happen. I couldn’t possibly know how much I could learn about life from two small hobbits. Without knowing it themselves, they taught me so much about compassion, about forgiveness…about understanding between one another. And that was the greatest lesson I ever learned…

At first I was not so sure what to believe in. I could have sworn that earlier I saw a third one. I knew that creeping thing had something to do with these two. But there is no other, they said. Indeed. Although they tried to hide it, I could see right through them. That was when I was so overcome with doubt and anger that I actually took them for spies of the Dark Side. How did they have the courage to lie to me? Me, son of the Steward of Gondor! At that moment I swore to myself…I would show them that lies and greed will get you nowhere…I was not intending to let them go so easily. If they were thinking that I would grant them their freedom, they had to be believing in miracles…and miracles do not happen…If miracles could happen, my brother would still be alive…There are no such things as miracles…

And then…the third one was caught, and I proudly congratulated myself for a job well done. That night I woke Frodo up from his restless sleep and showed him that their mysterious companion was more or less imprisoned by us now. My heart was still bitter and deep inside I laughed coldly, for I had succeeded in catching the wretched hobbit lying to me. I did not know then how much I would later regret being so cruel…so cruel to someone who so much needed my help rather than my hate and my vengeance. I was taken aback by Frodo’s reaction. I had expected him to attempt an escape by any means necessary. But instead he remained right where he stood, holding his head up high, willing to suffer the consequences for his lie. He knew he had been caught and I could see it in his eyes. I could see that in his heart he was truly and honestly sorry…How he pleaded for the life of their so called guide! Never before in my life had I seen eyes so passionate and serious! I was puzzled about why it was so important that this creature’s life be spared. Why did Frodo want to help him so…? He looked at me so beseechingly…and partly out of pity and partly out of curiosity I granted him permission to go and bring the creature to me.


So there it was. I knew it. I knew that there was going to be big trouble. Ever since that Gollum came along, I’ve been so restless. I know there’s something sinister going on…he certainly does not have our best interests at heart, that’s for sure. But there’s no turning back now. That Gollum has gotten Mr. Frodo into such a mess, and I have a word or two to say to him…if we are ever set free again…

Ever since we lost Gandalf, I’ve been looking deep into Frodo’s eyes, searching for answers…answers to if he thinks we will actually live through this…can we survive this task? A task this big and we…so small. I heard the desperation in Frodo’s voice as he asked Faramir the crucial question in a small shivering voice, “What will you do to us?”…That was when I thought for the first time: What will happen when two Halflings stand intimidated before a mission far larger than life? Until now I could see a small spark of hope in Frodo’s eyes…a little flame still burning, keeping us alive…but now I cannot see it there anymore…that little flame has diminished…and died.

And then…a flash of a sword…the blade pointed at Mr. Frodo’s heart…Faramir declaring that he was not going to let us go…we had to be believing in miracles…I did not know if I should have laughed or cried. Now I could truly see that Faramir and Boromir were one at heart. History was repeating itself. Earlier Boromir tried to end Frodo’s life to get the Ring…was his brother going to complete his task for him now? I was so frightened, terrified…but I cannot even begin to imagine how Mr. Frodo must have felt...As I looked at him, and as I saw the way he looked at Faramir, I went speechless for a moment. He had such torment and pleading in his eyes, that I was moved to tears. He was so small…he looked just like a little child, a beautiful angel…Why did he have to go through all of this, he who was so good and innocent and pure hearted…? I couldn’t bear it any longer…I broke down in tears.

Then, Frodo suddenly cried out, “No!!” I watched in horror as he backed away towards the wall, clenching the Ring in his hand. And that was when I feared from the bottom of my heart that the same madness that once took Boromir had struck his brother also. His reaction was frightening beyond belief. “You dare raise your voice to me?!” he shouted, flames of anger and passion burning in his eyes. “Lift your head…look me in the eyes” And very slowly he spoke through clenched teeth, “How dare you…?”

I looked at Frodo once more. His lips moved in silent pleading but no words would come out. Then, as he slowly lifted his gaze towards Faramir, I could eventually hear him speak, first quietly and beseechingly, and then, bit by bit, his words became stronger and clearer…And then…I saw it…that little flame of hope was burning is his eyes once more with a faint but steady glow, as he spoke the words I know no one of us would ever forget… “We are now completely in your hands, Lord Faramir…We swear to you…we never meant any harm…now we ask you to help us…help us prove that this world is worth saving! By hindering us, you only give the Enemy more time to advance! And if they advance too far, all will be lost! There is still so much left unsaid, so much to see and to learn from the world…all the wrongs we have made in our lives…we can still make them right! Yet a change remains to help our friends who are in battle and need us so…Just as much as we need them…their support…and their love…” and here he looked me deep in the eyes…but it was only for a brief moment, as he turned back to Faramir, “Captain Faramir, there are people out there in the world, fighting for freedom…people just like you! So, please…forgive us…and let us part in friendship…”


It was at that very moment when something changed in Faramir’s eyes. That gleam of madness suddenly vanished and his fingers let of the hilt of his sword, which made the weapon fall to the ground with a loud clatter. All at once I could see compassion in his eyes, I could feel the very air of him change. Had my words actually touched him so? To me, they seemed only like words of a desperate soul who in vain tries to beg for his freedom…but to him…they must have meant so much more…

I could see that Faramir was just about to open his mouth to say something, but he was suddenly interrupted…interrupted by something I had prayed I would never have to hear again…I wished with everything I had in me that it would only be a dream…just a trick my tired heart was playing on me…but no, it was as real as it could ever get. “The Nazgūl…” I heard Faramir whisper fearfully. He turned his face towards the ceiling, as if he was expecting them to crash right down through it, and I could see the fear in his eyes…and in poor Sam’s eyes, which were already filled with tears. But as Sam turned back to look at me, he let out a gasp of surprise…for that was when I had already put on the Ring.

And the shadows came. They came from near and far, bringing danger and evil with them. The Ring was calling out to those winged beasts…drawing them near…and I could not take off the Ring. I wanted to hide, to disappear completely…but the Ring’s power was somehow preventing me from taking it off my finger. I felt like I was going into a trance…suddenly everything around me faded into darkness and before my eyes I could see a vision of myself standing before the Dark Lord Sauron…handing the Ring to him…his gaze was piercing me like a million knives as his black hand reached out for the Ring…and all at once I felt pain…a horrible throbbing pain in my head. For a while I thought I was going mad…my whole world turned upside down and I only wanted to scream in horror, but I was paralyzed. I felt as if I was turned to stone…into a small delicate statue, which was only seconds away from shattering into a million pieces. Oh Sam…why is this happening to us…? The Black Riders were there. And at that moment, the Ring was taken off my finger.

I was revealed to the Black Riders! I felt that they could see me! But, somehow, I was not alarmed by it. I felt suddenly safe and protected…I moved my fingers a little, and that was when I felt that someone was holding my hand. And my vision returned to normal as I heard Sam’s voice whispering beside me, “They’re gone”. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I squeezed Sam’s hand tightly and closed my eyes. It was over…for now.

“Sam…” I whispered, “Why did you take the Ring off my finger?” “I didn’t, Mr. Frodo” came the quiet reply, “You did it yourself” I opened my eyes and looked at him in wonder. Sam gave me a sad smile and answered my questioning gaze. “You did it, Mr. Frodo…you did it” And slowly I started to remember…amid my fear and desperation, while wearing the Ring, I had suddenly thought of Sam. The very thought of him seemed to give me hope and strength I never knew I had before. Somehow, as I felt the Black Riders almost closing in on us, I got the feeling of danger, and that was when I suddenly knew I had to take the Ring off…For a long time afterwards, I still blamed myself for ever putting it on…I didn’t know what got into me…But I took it off…I actually did it…only because of Sam…I didn’t want him to be in danger…ever…for all he deserves is happiness and love…and I know I will always love him…for as long as I live…I will stay by your side forever, Sam…even though you can’t always reach me, even though I don’t always seem myself…I will be there beside you…now and always…till the end of time.

To this day, I still wonder what made Faramir change his mind…he actually let us go…I never believed he could see so deep into my heart…to understand how I felt…back then, I started to realize that everything had been lying in his hands…the fate of our quest had completely depended on the compassion he showed us…he proved to me that everything was not in vain…and it never had been…just like Sam showed me once long ago…

So here we are…two Halflings alone in the world, with the weight of the world on our shoulders as we continue on our journey through the Land of Shadows. In these crazy times we live in, where even the smallest summer breeze can cause a thunderstorm…we still go on…hand in hand…believing in miracles…

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